2 weeks ago

When Karma Kicks – Be Good To Your Surroundings

Karma has always been a devious witch with a B. And this cantankerous old man just faced the brunt of…

1 month ago

Anonymous Deeds

1 year ago

Pet Me!

1 year ago

Cute Kitty Afraid Of Cellphone!

This is probably the cutest thing that you will find on the internet. Cats are lovable animals. And when you…

1 year ago

Dog Loves Playing With His Shadow

As a kid, we all loved playing with shadows. Most often, it is our parents who showed us how shadows…

1 year ago

Hidden Cat Pranks!

When you think of pranks, you must have thought of it to be a completely human affair. You click on…

1 year ago

Caught The Thief!

What could be a better way to prank someone if not in a crowded place where the crowd is moving…

1 year ago