7 Ways To Open Your Solar Plexus Chakra And Unlock Your Personal Power

3 years ago

As human beings, we have different needs that must be fulfilled. Needs that aren’t met or fulfilled have the tendency of getting back to us and may lead to an imbalance in some areas of our life.

These needs relate to our 7 chakras. The most basic and easier to fulfill needs start at the base, basically the root chakra. As we get to the higher chakras, these needs become complex and more difficult to fulfill.

This article focuses on the Solar Plexus chakra because it’s the one that is most often overlooked for the main reason that it’s about embracing our ego identity and accepting our uniqueness.

In short, the Solar Plexus chakra is a “me” chakra that focuses mostly on the self in contrast to the heart chakra that focuses on others.

Fulfilling the needs of the Solar Plexus chakra may appear selfish but without a strong self-worth and value, the Heart chakra would be unable to connect with others in unity and peace.

Hence, loving and taking care of the self must be done first before going out and embracing others more lovingly and effectively.

7 Ways To Open Your Solar Plexus Chakra:

1. Give yourself a pat on the back everytime you accomplish something.

No matter how small your accomplishments are, celebrating little victories can boost your confidence and inspires you to do more each day.

Congratulate yourself for cooking the perfect meal or having eliminated clutter in your home.

2. Talk to yourself in the mirror.

Look yourself in the mirror. Let your gaze penetrate deep down in the eyes of the person you see in the mirror.

See yourself as you really are and say: “You’re awesome!” Talk to yourself as if you’re talking lovingly to someone else.

Feel how it feels to receive such compliment and support from someone else even if it’s no other than you. The point is to be your own avid supporter.

3. Indulge yourself in things that can make you feel good from time to time.

If you want to look good. Do it. Buy the pair of shoes you’ve been wanting to wear.

Just because you want to look your best doesn’t mean you’re egotistic and less spiritual. This only means you’re a healthy individual who wants to be your best self without being attached to the things that you have.

You do it because it makes you happy and that’s it. Nothing more, nothing less.

4. Share your accomplishments with the people you love.

Your loved ones are your supporters and your cheerleaders who desire only for your best. Whatever accomplishments you have, share it with them or even brag about it.

Accomplishments are meant to be shared so that the good vibes you get will create more good vibes and more accomplishments.

Certainly, your loved ones and friends wouldn’t judge you for being self-important or a braggart.

5. Act like you’re somebody to actually become one.

In reality, you are actually somebody with all your uniqueness and capabilities. Most often, when things are too pressing, we forget who we are and act like we’re victims of life.

What you are inside can be manifested outside. But you can use a trick to shift the way you see yourself.

You can use your body to do that by standing tall and acting like you are somebody. There’s nothing wrong with it because you really are somebody.

Just don’t listen what others think. They might not have realized they’re somebody too.

But if you start acting like one, they may be inspired to do just the same. By standing tall, you’re beginning to claim your personal power.

6. Be awesome by seeing this awesomeness in others.

The law of attraction per se states that you attract what you feel. In other words, when you feel awesome others will treat you in an awesome way.

Or, when you see others in their own awesomeness, it will come back to you. Be generous in telling others how awesome they are.

7. Treat others with respect.

Treating others as if they’re important and significant will boost your own significance and importance.

The more you feel significant, the more you feel positive, thereby, increasing your influence and personal power.