Your Life Will Be Much Easier If You Eliminate These 8 Things That Hold You Back…

3 years ago

Can you count the days in your week where you don’t find life to be hard? For the highly awakened ones, there might be none for the entire week. But for most of us, there is hardly a day where we could say life was easy.

The truth is, it is possible for us to design our life the easy way – if and when we are able to eliminate these 8 ways that make our life harder than necessary.

Check out if you are guilty in any of these 8 ways:

1. You are keeping back things for yourself.

You find it easier to share with others less significant issues in your life. You open up even without being asked, but would hardly do when it comes to important and deep-seated matters.

You are afraid to spill out a piece of you even though, you know, by doing so would lighten up your load a bit.

Sharing your load with others, despite the doubt that their advice may not help, is a great way to sort things out. Besides, who knows, the person you are opening up to may have answers or solutions to your problems.

2. You mistakenly come to the wrong people.

At times though, there are people whom you believe you could trust. You come up to them and unload your burdens with high hopes that they will understand and comfort you, only to find that they are judging or criticizing your actions and feelings. Or, if not, they are overly sympathizing with you and worsen your drama in life.

It is best that you select the person you want to see the vulnerabilities of your heart. If you feel that friends or family are not capable of helping you over an issue, seek professional help or the counsel of an elder you know.

3. You are still holding onto the past.

We all have our fair share of pain. Instead of playing the experience all over again in your memory, let it go. If not, you will succumb to a victim mentality and likely to attract the same experience again.

Moving on and learning from the experience is the best gift you could give to yourself. If you are not yet prepared to forgive the person who might have hurt you, give yourself time. But it does not mean, you have to cling to it. Just let the past go and move on.

4. You are lured into immediate gratification.

You have your big goals in life like losing weight by hitting the gym. To hit your goal, you accompanied it with your diet plan. However, when faced with foods that you know not in your health list, you give in to the temptation because of the instant gratification it brings.

Whatever goals you have in life, indulging in some petty pleasures once may not hurt, but when done too frequently it is likely that you are heading for regrets.

5. You allow other things to keep you out of focus.

Technology is becoming a part of our life and daily routine. Like many others, you may have spent time scrolling news feeds or short videos. The constant need to consume as much as possible in the shortest period of time narrows your attention span.

While this looks advantageous, in the long run, it may lead you to find difficulty in accomplishing things that require persistence and patience.

6. You always have someone to blame.

You always have anyone to blame, whether it be the weather, the traffic, the man behind the wheels of the car ahead of you who never give you the chance to speed up ahead.

Not owning responsibility for your actions make you immature. Whatever unfortunate things that may happen, before you find anyone to blame, look at yourself first. Do not be afraid when you find flaws or mistakes in yourself. Own them and take full responsibility. That is how you learn the best.

7. You forget to be thankful.

When you come to earth, you bring nothing. While the things that you possess now may be fruits of your labor, still you have to be thankful for them. By being thankful, you won’t take for granted any possession or people you have in your life.

Practicing gratitude takes you out of the human tendency to complain. It will work wonders in changing your mentality and the way you approach things.

Others even said that the way to abundance is by being thankful for what you have. You may not turn out an instant millionaire, but a grateful mind is capable of accomplishing great things.

8. You always have an excuse.

There are a dozen reasons why you can’t do a thing and a dozen reasons too, why you can. It’s all in your perception. Making excuses could get you nowhere. You’re just complicating things when you have the capacity to shut up and get the thing done.

Once you are in control of your own thinking, you will drop making excuses. You will become more focused on the result of your every undertaking.

Life is easier if we choose to live simply. By learning to eliminate the things that no longer serve you, you’re not only making your life simple, but are making your life in alignment with your purpose as well.