Are You Ready For The Cosmic Tidal Wave That Is Descending Upon Earth? Here are the symptoms you might experience…

2 years ago

The old reality is on the verge of ending as a galactic tidal wave descends upon Earth. The raised frequency causes us to experience a dynamic re-calibration of the Earth’s electromagnetic fields on a global scale. It creates a radical shift in our consciousness.

The second half of the year signals more energetic shifts. We will experience more of the frequency expansion symptoms as we heal, balance and align our consciousness, soul and energy.

The frequency of our kundalini energy increases as the cosmic Christ energy enters the planet. The auric field of each individual expands and shines brighter.

The aura expands as it holds more of the high-frequency cosmic energies received from higher dimensions in space. As the aura expands, so does our consciousness.

It’s necessary for the aura to go through these expansions for it to merge with the new earth. And if you noticed, the frequency changes filter out any lower vibrational frequency from your body.

These are the symptoms of the Cosmic Tidal Wave:

As we go through this process, the Ascension symptoms increase.

On the emotional level, we feel irritable and overwhelmed by mood swings.

Mentally, we feel disoriented and inattentive.

Physically, we are bombarded by a high-pitch sound that is vibrating in our ears, intense pressure around the head, feelings of fatigue and exhaustion.

Spiritually, we are experiencing synchronicities more frequently than usual, we might be having weird and intense dreams.

These are the symptoms of spiraling upwards with Earth and integrating the high-frequency codes. With this, we create an interconnected and unified crystalline body that carry more cosmic Christ energy.

What’s going to happen as we ascend?

While our body is reformed and redefined, our DNA goes through the same process and is being programmed for a brand new reality that is born within it, making it experience and visualize the new Earth that is beyond the lower dimensional boundaries of 3D Earth.

We are bound to receive new perceptions, information, impulses and the re-calibration of our DNA once the neural pathways are activated, resulting in the highest DNA potential, with all of our dormant strands unlocked.

The fast spiraling up of the Earth through the 4D portal takes us to higher and higher consciousness within the new Harmonic Universe.

What will happen when we ascend?

Once the veils are lifted, we will perceive worlds of inconceivable beauty. We will then clearly see the multidimensional reality that interconnects all things.

By knowing what we are, we will shed the old reality. We will be free from the grasp of the past and transform into multi-dimensional beings that are conscious, whole and free.

In the new Earth, there would be no more wars, fear, and greed. What is left are the awakened human species who are manifesting peace, love, light, and celebration as its new custodian.

Let us open ourselves to this high dimensional frequencies. Open our heart, our trust, and our love. And celebrate the great shifting of the Ascension Cycle!