The 5 Stages Of Awakening Every Person Needs To Go Through To Become A Spiritual Master

2 years ago

To awaken is to be aware of your very existence. It is a waking up from unconscious to conscious.

As you go through the process of awakening, what has been hidden is being brought to light, everything you once believed to be true may all be lies. If not, a product of ignorance.

The way to awakening is filled with hurdles and surprising twists and turns. Whatever brought you here, whether it be out of curiosity or the desire for freedom, once you take your first step, there is no way you could turn back.

For those who have been there, they say the following are what awaits you at the end of your journey: freedom from personal suffering, clarity of mind, boundless joy, inner peace, and living a fulfilling life. But since it’s a personal journey, it’s up to you to discover the magnitude that awakening has in store for you.

There are 5 stages in your awakening process. Since the process is not always smooth-sailing, there are signposts and pitfalls in each stage that you must know and avoid.

Use the following guide to your best advantage. But keep in mind that each journey is different and no path is the same. There is no wrong or right, as long as you adhere to your goal of waking up.

The 5 Stages of Awakening:

Stage 1. Your False Self

The false self is the asleep self. In this stage, you are made to believe that you are part of a mass consciousness going through the ups and downs of life, following every rule of culture and the land.

You accept everything that is placed on your plate without questioning reality or seeking answers for the necessities of survival. You identify yourself with your religion, culture, or society. And at times, may even play the part of a victim or perpetrator.

Unconscious programming runs through your veins, making you believe that the world is either black or white, good or bad.

For the sake of fitting in, you sacrifice your needs and even compromises your values just to receive approval and be accepted in your desired community, family, culture, business, religion and others.

Ego plays a big role in your life, making you believe you are your ego. This makes you find happiness in external things and makes you try to control reality, people, places, and experiences.

There is no connection between your thoughts and experiences. Hence, you are controlled by your emotions, acting and reacting based on what you feel at the moment.

Basically, most of what you feel and think are in the 3D during this stage.

It’s only when you notice “flash feelings” that there is more to life than your present reality can you receive the early signs of awakening.

Stage 2. You start questioning everything

The doubts you have in stage one deepens and you are slowly becoming conscious. The discomfort you feel in your life heightens, urging you to look for that missing piece. You start to question the rules, beliefs, and laws. Religion or tradition no longer give you satisfying answers.

You start to question your identity and the role that you play, which will ultimately make you feel lost and betrayed. Your dysfunctions are slowly emerging and you start to blame everything around you for it like religion, family or government. Because you still don’t know the immense power you have over yourself, you feel powerless. Yet you are moving from the victim’s mindset to one of a survivor.

You begin to ask, “Who am I? Why am I here?”

Though searching for answers, your limiting beliefs hold you back making you sleep a little longer.

You experience a variety of emotional challenges ranging from confusion to overwhelm to anxiety to depression. Although you get glimpses of your unconscious programming, you are not strong enough to say no to your environment. You still desire to fit in, be accepted and prove your worth.

Though you slowly understand that happiness couldn’t be found outside, you still put yourself in the game.

In this stage, a variety of emotional triggers come up and you find yourself on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. You can be in your most fragile state coupled with past traumas that are slowly surfacing.

Because you are not yet prepared to take responsibility for your life, you make no attempt to connect your thoughts to your reality and may still yield to your black and white thinking.

No matter how much you try, but the outside world no longer satisfies you. Here, your inward journey begins.

Stage 3. You start the journey of introspection

By discovering yourself, you experience immense personal and spiritual growth as well as conscious evolution.

As you disentangle yourself from mass consciousness, you are releasing yourself from the programming that you once thought were your own and free yourself from the limiting beliefs that cause you much suffering and pain.

You begin to see the bigger picture and soon realize how asleep had you been. With this realization at hand, you start waking other people too, only to find them unprepared to taste the sweetness of awakening that you so savored.

Feeling falsely judged and misunderstood, you try to keep your awareness only to yourself and believing silence is your only way to live. This is the time where you disassociate yourself from people, situations, or places that no longer serve you and even leave a dissatisfying job.

You feel the connectedness at the same time feel disconnected from others. Loneliness starts to embrace you. Feeling alone in your awareness, you start to question yourself about your new journey, either to move on and go back. Yet you know deep inside that there is no turning back. You could no longer undo what has been. You simply have to let go and move on.

As you have given up everything, issues of unworthiness start to emerge. However, the approval that you once enjoyed no longer satisfies you. You are left with nothing but face your own unworthiness.

At this stage, you start the spiritual practice of yoga, meditation, or mindfulness for the purpose of either avoiding something or wanting to wake up.

Here, you start seeing the connection between your thoughts or beliefs and the creation of your reality. But the challenges of the old thought programming may make your journey arduous. This makes stage three the longest and the most challenging.

In this stage, you are often caught with choosing between resistance or letting go. Moments of clarity may present itself, yet they don’t last. Experiences of awakening are growing, making you emerge in your consciousness and integrate into your life.

There might be a fear of losing one’s self, but in the end, such ego will die. As a result, you either feel liberated or devastated, feeling that life is pointless and purposeless.

Awakening may seem to cost you everything, but it makes sense to know that something inside is waking up.

Stage 4. The Resolution

Spiritual awakening is part of your everyday existence.

Stage 4 is known as the Eckart Tolle stage. Here, your true self is more powerful than your false self or ego self. The struggles you have been through are replaced with deep peace and a real knowing of self. You have let go of the limiting beliefs and what remains are the ones that support harmony and balance.

As you surrender to Higher Power, you find it easier to let go and access your inner power. Your doubts are replaced with faith and trust. You understand how your past and present contribute to who you are and have forgiven yourself and everything.

Unconscious programming no longer holds you and you are freed from the emotional bondage that held you captive. As you take total responsibility for your life, you stop blaming, freeing yourself and others.

By experiencing self-love, you no longer desire to prove your worth. You might be alone in your journey, yet you feel the connectedness of all. The desire to fit in is now fading, allowing yourself to be who you really are. New people who are better aligned with your real self are coming to you and your relationships are improved.

In this stage, you may choose to be a mentor or a teacher not because you want to but because doing so makes you feel good. You help others empower themselves. And you have successfully integrated your insights and develop a greater understanding of your journey.

You see the spiritual practices of yoga, meditation, or mindfulness as natural expressions of your life. Doing them makes you feel good.

You have an increased intuition and instant access to infinite intelligence.

In this stage, you are living in the moment, seeing life in a spiritual perspective and feeling unconditional love for all living beings.

Things are no longer good or bad in your sight. Instead, you see love in everyone. Your personality may be the same, yet you are more easygoing and lighthearted.

By living in the moment, you find real happiness, free from the rulings of your emotions.

Finally, you are conscious and awake.

Stage 5. The Conscious Creation

You constantly create life from the awakened state.

In stage 5, you step into your power as a conscious creator. You understand that the purpose of your life is what you choose it to be. Work and play become one and you find peace and fulfillment in doing both.

You do things out of inspiration and pure desire. The direct connection to all life inspires you to create new paradigms of community building, teaching, or leadership.

Here, you attract relationships and form communities geared toward the betterment of humanity.

You stop chasing happiness because you know happiness is living in the moment.

Because you have mastered your thoughts and beliefs, you can now create the life you desire with total consciousness, in the present moment.

The pure connection with Prime Creator makes everything you do a channel of expression.

Regardless of the stage you are on this journey, you are well on your way. Awakening is neither a fast nor a slow process. It is best achieved by going with the flow to wherever it takes you.

When you have mastered the ways of letting go, the process might be easier to go through as letting go is the secret to awakening.

Many people are already undergoing the process of awakening, making their journey slightly different from the ones who are ahead of them. As such, these stages may be altered or altogether disappear.

Remember, you are where you need to be on this journey.