Strengthening The 5 Pillars Of Intuition Is The Key To Fully Develop Your Intuitive Abilities

3 years ago

Each of us is gifted with an inner knowing. This inner knowing or intuition serves as our guide as we find our way into this planet.

It acts as an inner signal that we can use in connecting to our Highest Self and not lost our way through the twists and turns of our journey. However, as our minds accumulate more information, it becomes a cluttered space that pushes the natural gift of intuition to the backseat.

Consequently, we lose our way and encounter needless difficulties that could have been eliminated or could have overcome much more easily had we practiced more of our intuitive abilities.

If you feel that your life at the moment is not the way you want it to be, you can change your life’s course and tap into your intuitive self so as not to keep doing the same mistake all over again.

The more you feel lost in this fast-paced modern life, the more you need to anchor yourself in your inner knowing.

A life that is guided by intuition is one that feels peaceful, smooth-flowing, and fulfilled. The way to enhancing your intuition is by strengthening the 5 pillars that make up the magic of intuition.

The 5 Pillars Of Intuition Is The Key To Fully Develop Your Intuitive Abilities:

1. Trust

Your intuition is there all along, speaking to you even if you’re not listening. It’s the time when you follow your own reasoning and ignore your instinct only to find out that you’re wrong and your gut feeling is right.

This usually occurs because your intuition comes naturally without a sense of urgency or pressure, unlike your own reasoning that follows a certain logic with all the basic facts intact.

And when something isn’t for you, no matter how much everything looks perfect, it wouldn’t be given to you. This is where trust enters. When your intuition goes against valid reasoning, trusting your intuition is the only thing you need to hold on to.

Trust means you need to unlearn some forms of logical reasoning and learn to listen to your intuition more. Trusting your intuition and taking action are the basics of allowing your intuition to grow.

When something within you sparks, listen to it and take action before you start to doubt yourself.

2. Connection

Connecting to yourself and to nature can help you enhance your intuition. You hear more of this inner knowing, especially when you disconnect from the outside world and connect to your inner world and your heart.

Creating an inner silence opens the door to your intuition. It’s also a way of addressing any aspects of yourself that needs healing because any blockages within you also prevent you from listening to your intuition much more clearly.

Another way of connecting to your intuition is by utilizing the time when your mind is distracted by something, like engaging in an activity that keeps your hands busy or having a low-level background noise.

For example, if you are encoding something, it keeps your eyes and hands busy but may keep your mind in a meditative mood to tap into your inner self and into your creative genius.

3. Acceptance

Any inner battle you might have engaged in blocks your intuition to prosper and grow. This inner battle comes in the form of pushing away some aspects of yourself you dislike.

It also comes in the form of rejecting your inner child because of a negative past you have attached to it. This inner war you keep fighting day in and day out will cripple your intuition until you will lose touch with this inner voice.

But your life doesn’t have to be a continuous battle to push the negative and allow only the positive aspects of yourself. You need to fully accept yourself, including your shadows, your past hurts, and your traumas.

Painful as it may seem, but these things help you shape into the kind of person that you are. When you’re able to accept yourself under this light, awakening your intuition would be much easier.

4. Integrity

Integrity is being able to express yourself in a genuine way. It’s not behaving the way you’re expected to but behaving in a way that shows the real you.

It’s not forming yourself into something that can fit into the mold that is commonly accepted and honored by society. But it’s stretching yourself to become the unique expression of the person that you can be.

In short, being genuine is letting others know both your strengths and vulnerabilities without being scared of ridicule.

5. Innocence

Children navigate their way through life by using fully their innocence and spontaneity. They don’t feel stupid to ask questions and admit that they don’t know something.

A childlike innocence keeps you curious and trustful of anything good that could happen. It’s being open and not limited by fear or anxiety, which is the number one thing that blocks intuition.

Life is full of surprises, thus having to ascertain that things should be the way we want them to only disappoint us when they don’t.

But when you’re open enough and trust that everything happens for your own good, intuition plays its part much more accurately than what you expect.