Do This One Technique and Take Control Of Your Anger

3 years ago

No one wants to get angry. Aside from draining you of your energy, consequences brought about by your anger may hurt not only yourself but others as well.

Yet, anger is such an inevitable emotion, especially when you have the right to feel it. However, suppressing anger is unhealthy.

As difficult as it seems, but there are a few people who are able to manage their anger in a very calmly manner. They are able to deliver the best possible answer even in the most tumultuous of situation.

These are the emotionally intelligent people. Their high level of emotional intelligence allows them to recognize and rule their own emotions as well as that of other people. Because of their ability to stay calm in the most difficult situations, they are able to maintain harmonious relationships with themselves and others.

You can become like them too with this one technique:

When faced with a situation that highly provokes an emotional reaction, allow twenty-four hours to pass before you speak your mind or make any decision.

When triggered by pressure, your nervous system acts wildly, flooding your body with adrenaline, cortisol, and other chemicals that confuse your brain’s rational thinking.

People with high EQ (Emotional Intelligence) know that it takes time to resolve a problem.

Give yourself time to process your emotions and see the bigger picture that you may avoid getting out of control, showing frustration, anger, or remorse.

Having instinctive reaction regarding a situation is normal, but it helps not to quickly act it out because those first reactions normally wear off after a few hours. Once the initial effect is gone you are able to assess the situation with a cool and clear head.

Using this approach will protect your valuable relationships from unnecessary conflicts, keep you distant from any person who might have hurt you and allow you to show respect to your emotions as well as of others.

Remember, 24 hours is all you need to calm yourself down and think of a rational response in conflicting situations. This technique will definitely save you from a possible lifetime injury brought about by any mindless initial reaction.