11 Symptoms Your Third Eye Is Fully Opened

3 years ago

The Third Eye Chakra is our spiritual center that connects us with the Higher Self and gives us the ability to access the Akashic records. When this region is fully developed, we begin to see the things around us with more clarity.

Being the center of intuition and foresight, the Third Eye Chakra governs the psychic abilities, clairvoyance, the Pineal gland, the base of brain and left ventricle, willpower, higher consciousness, spiritual discernment, the distribution center for transmitting prana energy throughout the body, divine experiences, sleep, our biological clock and circadian rhythm, time, telepathy, and awareness.

A fully opened third eye provides you the experience of being interconnected with nature, the universe, and the full realization that you’re more than what you think you are.

Here are the signals you see when your Third Eye is fully opened.

Symptoms Your Third Eye Is Fully Opened:

1. You feel an intense pressure between your eyebrows.

When your third eye starts to manifest itself, it triggers the Pineal gland to grow energetically, which can make you feel an intense pressure that seems like something is pushing in the area between your brows.

It may also feel as if someone is touching lightly on your forehead or you may feel a sensation of warmth that is spreading.

These sensations could happen anytime even when you’re not tuning in spiritually.

2. You start to get conscious of your eating habits.

A fully opened third eye draws you to eat the right foods that serves you energetically, nourishes you, and raises your vibration.

You start to become extra sensitive to foods that have lots of toxins. It’s because your body is undergoing a restructuring and re-balancing state that are necessary in your awakening process.

Your body eliminates substances that can’t serve you well.

3. Your perception goes beyond duality.

As your third eye opens, your perception starts to expand and you feel the oneness of all things.

You can’t see any separation between yourself and others; instead, you experience yourself as everyone and everything.

4. You see many synchronicities and alignments happening in your life.

Because you’re moving into higher consciousness, you understand that there’s no coincidences only synchronicities that are slowly manifesting in your life.

People or events may appear before you just in time that you need them or you see repeating numbers that lets you know you’re being spiritually guided.

5. Your thought patterns change and your mind expands.

Your old thought patterns are no longer working the way they used to as a result of your increased concentration and focus. The thoughts that aren’t aligned with your current reality are slowly dispersing.

Energetic information from the higher realms that plays an integral part in your purpose are being presented to you.

6. You have a heightened sensitivity to lights and sounds.

With the opening of your third eye comes your hypersensitivity to lights and sounds. Your choice of music changes to cater the need to listen only to what’s soothing to you and eliminate those that are disturbing your emotions.

Also, when you meditate, you’re likely to see stronger and brighter lights.

7. You’re more prone to headaches.

You may feel pressure in your head that may alarm you. But this is a sign that the Kundalini energy is activating the final stages of your third eye opening.

As your Pineal gland is developing, this Kundalini energy rises up and builds up near the Pineal gland to energize the third eye chakra.

8. You find a sense of purpose.

As your perception gets clearer and your awareness expands, you start to notice everything around you, not only the positive but including the negativities of life.

You notice in your environment and the people around you things that are not in alignment with who you are.

This bigger perspective draws you to conclusions and ignites the desire to do the things that have purpose, meaning, and give you a sense of who you are. You follow what feels right with a firm belief that you’re able to handle all things that come before you.

9. You have lucid and vivid dreams.

The Pineal gland regulates our sleep cycle. A fully opened third eye means you sleep much better, which could often result to vivid and lucid dreaming.

This gives you the ability of having the control of your dreams if you only know how. Your infinite self has infinite possibilities even in your state of sleep.

10. You have an enhanced psychic abilities and higher states of consciousness.

When your third eye is fully opened, your telepathic communication is increased resulting in the development of your clairvoyance, clairsentience, and extra sensory perceptions.

You begin to sense when something bad is about to happen or may pick up cues when people have wrong intentions. You become more empathic and more intuitive.

11. You see the truth in all things.

Functioning in higher frequencies and energy levels, you start seeing the truth as it is. You naturally hear the voice of nature and the lies that’s being presented to you from outside sources.

You can see beyond things, labels, and the old structures being used to program the people.

You see the meaning behind the things as well as the connectedness of everything. Everything seems to be more alive, conscious, and communicate with you through frequencies and energies.