13 Small Changes You Can Make To Awaken Your Divinity From Within

2 years ago

There’s a divinity hidden within each of us. The challenge to live our lives to this truth is big that requires us to actually do the things that can become a reflection of this truth.

If you’re hurting or in a difficult environment, the challenge is even bigger. Yet, let this not stop you from honoring the Life that created you.

Succumbing to your divinity is even a necessity in holding on to life and in fulfilling your purpose in this world.

Here are the things you need to start doing today to nurture your divinity.

These may not prevent you from living a pain-free life but it’s a big help in making your journey more meaningful and keeping you strong in facing the ups and downs of life.

13 Small Changes To Awaken Your Divinity From Within:

1. Be in good company.

Surround yourself with the people who see you and accept you for who you truly are. They’re the good ones who share with you through laughter and tears.

Stay away from people who deplete you of your energies or give you bad influence.

It’s better to walk alone than be with the people who will only suck the life out of you.

2. Practice deep breathing.

Stressed or not, do deep breaths to clear your mind of toxins and keep yourself calm. Make it a practice to breathe in peace and love and breathe out stress and negativity.

Do it at least 5 minutes a day and you’ll find yourself calmer than before.

3. Switch out of autopilot.

Not paying attention to what you’re doing allows your brain to operate in the default mode. It may focus on thoughts of suffering or lack.

It’s important to stay mindful and being truly present with what you’re doing to take full control of how your brain is working.

Doing the things that give you joy, like playing the guitar or singing also inspires you to stay present.

4. Be gentle with yourself when you commit mistakes.

Mistakes and flaws are normal in a human context. When you fail or are faced with your imperfections, be gentle with yourself.

It’s easier to be gentle with the mistakes and flaws of other people when you begin it with yourself.

5. Enhance your listening skills.

Try to listen to everything around you. Listen to your own heartbeat or the heartbeat of your pet. Listen to the sounds of passing vehicles or to the laughter of your friends and neighbors.

Most importantly, listen to the silence because it’s where you can hear more of what your inner guidance and your life are telling you.

6. Honor life.

Shower yourself with honor and respect. Honor everything about you.

The more you honor yourself, the more you’re likely to honor the whole of humanity, and the more you will honor everything that has a life.

7. See beyond what your eyes can see.

Inner knowing is having a perception that is based on your own understanding of the world and not by what your eyes can see.

Your eyes allow you to see only what is in front of you. When you cultivate inner knowing, you’ll trust your heart and intuition more.

8. Do the things that give you joy.

Follow your passions. Take some time each day to learn more about the things that make you joyful.

The more you do the things that make your heart sings, the happier you are and the closer you are to your dreams.

9. Be aware of your energy.

People can either increase or decrease your energy. Pay attention to these fluctuations because your success hangs on your energy levels.

You can’t be there to assist your loved ones when you’re not energetically healthy. Keep the people who emit good energy and spend less time with the ones who drain you.

10. Stay grateful.

Look back at where you’ve come and be grateful for all the lessons you’ve learned. In so doing, you’re more aware of the things that you will do in the future and know what to avoid to prevent committing the same mistakes again.

Even then, be grateful for everything, failures, successes, and all.

11. Speak what you mean.

If possible, avoid using words that may harm other people. Avoid gossips and avoid judgments.

If you can’t help complaining, complain to yourself alone. At times, things will only get clearer when you put them into words.

Yet still, always speak what you mean and strive to use your words wisely and kindly.

12. Let go of the things that no longer serve you.

As the saying goes, “Let go and let God”. If you can’t understand why things happen the way they do, the more you should let go of them and allow God to take the reins.

Let go of confusion and happiness to allow space for love and peace. Life is too short. Keep the most of it.

13. Surrender everything to life.

Regardless of your state of life, surrendering everything to life gives you freedom and confidence. The universe and everything in it are too broad for you to understand.

Do everything under your power. The rest, leave it to the universe. The things essential in your existence can be revealed to you through experiences, stillness, patience, faith, and even through surrendering.

Start doing the above things today. They’re not habits to be formed but ways of life to be lived.

Live by those principles and other people will start to see the reflection of the divine in yourself.