5 Reasons You Should Be Thankful To Be Alive This Time Of Human History

3 years ago

A lot of people are complaining about almost everything that’s going on in our world today. From laws that seem not to serve everybody to the injustices or to the indifference of other people.

There is a lot to complain if we focus on the problems of the world that we can do nothing about. Yet, still, this is the best time to be alive.

There may be many reasons why we should grumble, but it doesn’t match the sufferings the generation before us have endured. If we are to look into human history, we can say, by far, that we are lucky to be born unto this day.

The following reasons can open our eyes to what we may have overlooked so that the next time we are tempted to complain, we can only sigh and be grateful.

5 Reasons You Should Be Thankful To Be Alive In This Period Of History:

1. Access to information is just one click away.

Before Google and Yahoo, information was hard to obtain. You have to take time to go to the library and one by one sort out the books where the needed information could be possibly found.

On the other hand, it’s hard to verify whether the information you received is true or not because of the unavailability of a trusted source.

But today, when you have an internet connection, you can easily access any information in just one click. You simply have to open either your laptop or smartphone.

2. Torture and capital punishments are no longer accepted.

There was a time in the history of mankind, like the French Revolution and the Nazi regime, where millions of people were tortured and killed mercilessly.

It was a harsh time that devalues the human life. We’re lucky that such acts are no longer existent today.

3. There’s no more practice of slavery and subjugation.

In the past, people have been sold as slaves. They’re considered properties whose lives depend on the hands of their masters. What’s worse, it was socially acceptable.

Today, despite the struggles we might have been subjected to, we still enjoy some degree of freedom while having an individuality that is honored.

We may have been trapped by the systems, but we have the freedom to get out of it if we just choose to.

4. It is easier to travel faster and safer.

People used to travel through horseback, carriages, or even by foot, which makes traveling longer and dangerous.

Some travelers who get sick even die along the way because of the time it takes to reach their destination.

But this time, travel has become quicker and a lot safer. What used to take months only take hours to get there. That’s why it’s easier for people to travel for fun.

5. Medical advancement has controlled the outbreaks of illnesses.

Outbreaks of illnesses were common in the past. Such circumstances can wipe out a big number of the population and may even kill an entire family.

While we still expose ourselves to deadly diseases, we have the easy access to medication and medical specialists who can treat our specific cases. Any outbreak is quickly studied and prevented to spread.

There are still a lot of reasons why we should be thankful to be alive today. We can even take a look at how our consciousness has developed and evolved into what we are today.

We are still evolving and part of it is to be able to look back from where humanity began and where we want it to end.

Thus, when the external forces are bugging you, don’t ever think the world is such a messy place. We have come a long way and it’s in our hands to make this world a better place one day at a time.