4 Psychological Reasons Why You Should Be Grateful For Having Friends

2 years ago

There are a lot of reasons why we choose our friends. It might be that they’re our neighbors, they’re our family’s friends, or that we share the same hobbies and interests.

Whatever the circumstances are, our friends help us in many ways. For practical reasons, they come into our lives to serve a purpose, which includes helping us move through the darkest moments of our journey.

“… Distance yourself from negative people who try to lower your motivation and decrease your ambition. Create space for positive people to come into your life. Surround yourself with positive people who believe in your dreams, encourage your ideas, support your ambitions, and bring out the best in you.” – Roy T. Bennett

Aside from this, there are more practical reasons why we should be grateful for having our friends around.

4 Psychological Reasons Your Friends Matter More Than You Realize:

1. They inspire and motivate you.

People who share the same values, interests, and morals as you are fun to be around. Not only you enjoy connecting with them, but the inspiration they show you creates a big impact in reaching your goals.

This is seen in study groups, diet groups, and even in meditation groups. They help you stay on track because they’re also determined to reach the same goals that you aspire to achieve.

2. They help you process your emotions.

True friends understand you fully. You can expect them to act as your sounding board whenever life’s drama gets in your nerves.

Having a listening ear lightens up the heaviness of your load.

There are times when you don’t need anyone to tell you what to do. Just to have someone to listen to your woes is enough most of the time. It’s much easier to process your emotions when you’re able to vocalize them.

Besides, your friends can help you expand your perspective on something because they can point out some aspects that you might have otherwise overlooked.

3. They share fun moments with you.

Friends are always around both in bad and good times. Having someone to laugh with even on seemingly unimportant matters is a pure bliss.

Humor is a good way to de-stress yourself and relieve the tensions in your body. A good laugh is even found to have physical and mental benefits.

When you laugh with a friend, your world stops spinning and your focus is only in the moment. Time spent with them is absolutely priceless.

4. They make you feel you’re not alone.

Life-long friendships are often formed by people who went through similar experiences. Some of these experiences may include parents of children with autism, new mothers, or recovering addicts.

Even people in the military service who had been to war easily connect with one another. It’s because people who have the same experience as you deeply know how it is to be in your shoes.

They’d been there themselves, so there’s no need for you to muster all your effort to explain to them how does it feel to be in a certain situation.

Despite the differences you may have in other aspects, you’re still able to create a strong bond that goes beyond societal barriers.

If you have a friend who motivates and inspires you, listen to your life woes, laugh heartily with you, and makes you feel you’re not alone, take good care of them. They’re precious and more valuable than gold.