8 Ways To Protect Yourself From Negativity In The Midst Of A Toxic Work Environment

2 years ago

Some of us may have had this work experience where our boss treats us as if we’re more of a liability than an asset.

That no matter how hard we try to do our best, it’s still not good enough. Instead of pulling us up to be able to see what they see, they trample on us for not seeing what they see.

This is the worst workplace scenario, but one we should live with because our loved ones depend on us. Only that, in cases such as this, we’re likely to burn out easily and may even be vulnerable to physical and mental exhaustion.

While getting away from this work environment is the best way to maintain your sanity, the conditions might not allow you just yet.

The best thing you can do is do the things that can honor yourself and keep your self-worth in check.

8 Ways To Protect Yourself From Negativity In A Toxic Work Environment:

1. Find a supportive community.

Having a community of family, relatives, friends, or even colleagues helps you see that your battle is half won. Their caring words and understanding are a big help in easing your inner wounds.

They may not be able to stop the abuse from coming in, their listening ear is enough to lighten up your load. Seek them out and invoke their help.

If in some instances, no one is available, journaling can also help. Pour out on the pages of your journal everything that you feel. Purging out those bottled emotions helps clear your mind.

Or, if you need a professional help, don’t hesitate to ask for it. Self-care should be your top priority in times like these.

2. Have a self-care routine.

Because your workplace causes you stress, the chance of bringing home the negative energy is high. This may have a devastating effect on your loved ones because you can’t prevent yourself from emitting these negative energies towards them.

To cleanse yourself, have a self-care routine that can help you relax. It may be listening to calming music, meditation, walking, or yoga.

The point is to calm your nerves, unwind, and recharge your depleted energy.

3. Include physical activity in your daily routine.

Boost your mood by encouraging your body to release your happy hormones.

Physical activity stimulates the release of endorphins, which is a feel-good hormone, and epinephrine, which is a hormone responsible for your fight or flight responses in stressful situations.

By hacking into your happy chemicals, you’re able to combat a stressful work environment in an effective way. So, put your sneakers on and start running.

Dancing, swimming, cycling, or skateboarding are also great.

4. Look at the bigger scheme of things.

Have you tried looking up at a star-studded sky at night? If you did, chances are, you may have felt how big the universe is and how insignificant your personal woes can be.

Life is grand and big and if you compare your problems with it, it may appear as a tiny dot in the bigger scheme of things.

When you put more focus on the great abundance of life that surrounds you, you’ll feel stronger and better able to cope with any challenges life brings you.

5. Stick to a diet that keeps you calm.

Foods loaded with sugar and caffeine are known to cause more stress to your body. Avoid these certain types of food as much as possible.

Instead, feast on foods that are rich in omega-3 because they’re known to lower the feelings of indifference, sadness, sleeplessness, and low libido. Whole grains, fruits, and vegetables also keep your body feel lighter, which encourages you to feel more optimistic.

6. Get enough sleep.

Don’t allow your sleep to be compromised. The more you’re sleep deprived, the more you’re prone to self-loathing when faced with your daily stressors.

Have a regular sleep routine. Most of all, create a routine before sleep that can help you sleep much easier and encourage a good sleep quality.

This can be meditation, prayer, massage from your partner, or a warm bath. When you retire to bed in a relaxed mood, you will begin your day feeling great and at your best.

7. Let go of what you can’t control.

You can’t control everything in your life, especially a grouchy boss. Let your focus fall on the things that are under your control and figure out if you’re doing them right.

If not, find ways to improve them. Also, be aware of your self-talk. Just because somebody doesn’t see your real worth means you’ll look at yourself with the same lens.

Be kind to yourself so that you’d be able to combat the stressful situation wholly.

8. Choose your health and happiness with confidence.

Working with a negative boss or colleague will take its toll in the long run. Even if you’ll manage to bring the matter to the human resources department, the situation wouldn’t be the same again.

There’s already a friction between the two of you, especially when the other person has unresolved personal issues that are being projected to you. Things wouldn’t get even better.

If getting out of the situation is your last resort, grab the opportunity. You can’t compromise your health and happiness because they are the only wealth that can never be taken away from you.

Save yourself from any heartaches or worst, from any impending physical ailments that may result from the experience. Remember, you always have a choice.

You will soon land a job or career where you fit exactly if you just invoke the help of the universe. Ask and it will. Trust fully until the tides will turn in your favor.