8 Ways to Prepare Your Spirit for Meeting Your Twin Flame

3 years ago

It’s so beautiful to know that there are people who are a part of our soul group, people who resonate so much with us that we sense a powerful connection even if it’s the first time we actually meet them.

However, the most beautiful part of this spiritual concept is that some of these people is our Twin Flame, a soul meant to be in relationship with us so we can help each other learn how to love deeper and unconditionally.

While you may not be so obsessed on investigating each person who comes along in your life as your possible Twin Flame, preparing yourself for their coming is much more valuable.

In fact, the only way you can attract each other is by preparing your spirit and connecting with your deeper self.

Otherwise, you might not realize the powerful cosmic connection both of you share and go separate ways.

8 Ways to Prepare Your Spirit for Meeting Your Twin Flame

It’s your increased vibration that attracts them to you. And the hard truth is, your Twin Flame only comes when you are better prepared to meet them.

So, how do you best prepare yourself to meet your twin? Here are the 5 ways:

1. Practice spiritual discipline through meditation.

There is no better way to connect to your deeper self than the practice of spirituality. One way of deepening your spirituality is meditation.

Once your mind is still and silent, you will hear the voice that directs you for the next step to take.

The peacefulness that you feel during meditation also helps you eradicate emotional obstacles that prevent you from revealing yourself to your Twin Flame, like lust, greed, anger, selfishness, and pride.

2. Don’t prioritize things that don’t serve you.

There is a story that best illustrates this point. It goes like this:

A young student is sent to a foreign country to learn specific skills. This country has a currency control, not allowing money to be brought in or out of its jurisdiction.

The student, however, is allowed to earn a living to feed himself and pay for his schooling that lasts for ten years.

Thus, he took a part time job while learning the skills he was sent to acquire. His part time job turned out to be so successful in a matter of two years that he made it his full-time job.

He, then, acquired a flat, a car, credit cards and joined prestigious clubs in that country.

He made his lucrative job a career until he altogether forgets why he was sent there for. He was supposed to learn compassion, wisdom, and unconditional love. All which were forgotten.

By the end of ten years, he was about to go home. It was then he realized he miserably failed in acquiring the skills he was supposed to learn.

He also could not bring his wealth because the country wouldn’t allow him to. Besides, his home country doesn’t use the money. In his home, the currency is karma and merit.

Sounds familiar? This is what actually happens in our life, only that our length of study is between 50 and 80 years and not ten. The country of our foreign study is planet earth and our home is the spirit world.

Acquiring the things that don’t serve you is an additional baggage in your journey.

What’s more, it hinders you from meeting your Twin Flame and learning one of the most beautiful lessons in life about how to love!

3. Include passion and spirituality in your chosen career or path.

Each of us is endowed with a skill that is specifically designed for us. Some of these skills are even carried from our past lives.

We know what our skill is when we find the greatest happiness while doing it. We are so passionate about this thing that when we do it the whole world seems to quiet down.

It may not appear as lucrative as other skills, it might be insignificant in other people’s eyes, but for you it’s one of the most satisfying things.

With this skill, you not only earn a living but provide service to mankind.

In whatever field you belong, putting your heart and soul in what you do connects you to your spirituality. And a spiritually passionate person attracts their soul group!

4. Expose yourself to nature.

Nature not only relieves stress but connects you more deeply to your spiritual roots.

Start exercising on the beach, swim at sea, garden in your backyard, or walk in the woods. Each of these activities connects you with nature. Do them at least once per week.

Eat organic food and provide yourself with the nutrition you need. Vegetables, fruits, and fish are great.

Avoid alcohol, drugs, and smoking as they constitute to an unnatural and unhealthy lifestyle.

Rest when you need to and give your body the right amount of sleep it needs. And never forget to nurture your mind with meditation or relaxing music.

Embrace more natural lifestyle and you will connect with the deepest layers of your self. This connection is a powerful magnet for your Twin Flame.

5. Nurture your own heart.

Nurture your heart. Heal your emotional body. Do things that fill your heart without explaining yourself to anyone.

Go to the spa, take a massage, take a vacation by yourself if you need to.

You will be amazed how quickly your Twin Flame will show after your emotional body is nurtured and properly healed.

6. Treat everyone as the ultimate one.

Every now and then you succumb yourself to some kind of relationship. It may not be a perfect relationship, it might even be a bad one, but the way you treat others is more about who you are than them.

Treat each person as they are someone special. Each person is. But most people don’t use their potential to shine.

Give them the opportunity because that’s you. It’s their choice if they are going to use that opportunity or not.

This way you are already behaving the way you do when you finally meet your Twin Flame. Even more, you give them a chance to be the greatest version of themselves.

7. Open yourself to meeting new people and keep an open mind

You cannot meet your Twin Flame if you do not socialize.

Well, probably you can, but the chances of meeting them by meeting other people and making new connections are much higher.

Do not hold to an image of how your Twin Flame should look like or behave. Keep an open mind about people and let them reveal their true selves to you.

By staying open mentally and socially you are giving a big room for your Twin Flame to find you.

Combine this with the previous steps of attracting them to your life and the chances of you meeting them are higher than ever.

8. Follow your purpose

Possibly the most important step is this one. Follow your purpose!

The energy you radiate when you follow your soul’s purpose is at highest and at the most powerful intensity.

You can immediately sense when somebody that enters a room is following their soul’s purpose. There is this aura about them that’s captivating and penetrating through everyone’s pretence. You can almost see them shining.

By following your purpose you are becoming the truest and most authentic version of yourself. You are on your way to become the best version of yourself and you are being the real you without a reserve.

This is how your Twin Flame finds you, they recognize your true light. If they are being true to themselves they’ll eventually gravitate towards you.

By Doing These 8 Things You Get Something More than Just Your Twin Flame!

When you have done all the steps above, it is much easier for you to make others happy because you are already happy inside.

Seeing the happiness of others above yours is bringing good karma and raising your vibrations too.

At some point, you may experience periods of loneliness or solitude. Don’t take it too seriously. There’s nothing wrong with you. Feelings of loneliness are only signposts that lead you to look inward.

Realizing your true self vanishes the loneliness away, and who knows your Twin Flame might suddenly come along.

Here is What to Do When Your Twin Flame Comes:

Your twin flame is the only person whose vibration is the same or really similar as yours.

Sometimes, their vibration is like the missing piece that you need to raise yours even higher. Whatever the case, you resonate with each other immediately.

Though you are of different personalities, you seem to compliment each other perfectly. Your love for each other surpasses each other’s faults and flaws. You just love each other unconditionally.

The love between twin souls is great. The harmony and care are fantastic. Because you are both divinely guided to meet in this lifetime.

So all you have to do when you meet your Twin Flame is, well, nothing. Just be yourself, be authentic and let them be who they really are.

With all these said, it is of an absolute must that you must be spiritually well-prepared for the coming of your Twin Flame.