4 Major Life Challenges That You Will Go Through As You Start With Your Spiritual Awakening

2 years ago

Awakening to our fullest potential is what we are here for. We can only do this by being spiritually awakened.

But since this process involves growing and expanding to become who we really are, there are parts of our lives or ourselves that we need to give up. If we don’t do this, we remain stuck in certain points of our life.

The process of spiritual awakening is painful and frightening but one that we need to get over because, in the real sense, we have the full capability of doing the things we’re supposed to be doing.

What makes it scary is the thought that this is something new. But once we decide to move forward, the Universe will provide us the things and help that we need along the journey.

If you’re facing a major life challenge this time, know that it’s part of your spiritual growth and evolution. You’re shedding the bits and pieces of you that no longer serve you.

Here are other life challenges you shouldn’t fight. Instead, allow them to flow and carry you to wherever you’re destined to go.

4 Major Life Challenges You Will Go Through As You Start Spiritual Awakening:

1. Changing careers.

One major sign that you’re spiritually awakened is finding yourself unhappy in a job that used to fill you with contentment years or decades ago. What you’re currently doing suddenly feels empty and without direction.

This signifies that you’re growing as a person and you’re only looking to do the things that can give your life meaning and purpose.

On the other hand, when you’re called to do something different, your present environment poses you with many challenges just so you’ll get out of there and find that place where your spirit truly resonates and expands.

Whether your decision to change careers is planned or unexpected, it still points to the fact that something is out of alignment.

A career change may be challenging and a bit scary because it means you’d be walking in an unknown territory. But when you trust the universe, you’ll soon find yourself in a much better, if not your ideal, environment.

2. Losing some of your friends.

Friendships are founded on commonalities, on the things you enjoy doing together, on the topics you feel comfortable talking about, and being on the same level of understanding.

But since you’re growing into a new person, you no longer resonate with the same topics or activities. Your friends may not understand you anymore because you’re already vibrating at a frequency that’s higher than their own.

You start to become the person who no longer fits in with their expectations. While there’s nothing wrong with being different, but spending time with people who can’t connect with you is daunting.

Choosing to be alone by yourself is more comforting than being with people who can’t understand you. This may lead you to lose your friends along the way.

But when you’re moving in the direction that aligns with your vibration, you’ll attract the people who vibrate with the same frequency as you. Soon you’ll find yourself in the company of new and supportive friends.

3. Facing criticisms.

As the direction of your life is moving in different twists and turns, people will take notice, especially why you become what you are in the moment. They may even question your new-found spirituality.

When people don’t understand something, most often, they’re prone to criticize than ask for the concept why things are as they are.

Consequently, people may have varying opinions on your chosen spiritual path.

The best thing you can do is allow them to think their own thoughts as you continue peacefully on your journey.

As a spiritually awakened being, you may find it easier to forgive and understand people. Besides, their words can’t harm you. Just send them thoughts of love and light.

4. Living with loneliness.

Being spiritually awakened is not a guarantee that you’ll be free of pain or any other uncomfortable emotions. On the contrary, it’s where different emotions of varying degrees start to surface.

These emotions hidden in the deepest recesses of your soul must come to the open for love and healing. And because you alone can travel on your own path, no one is there for you.

Even if you’re surrounded by family and friends, you feel alone because they can’t connect with you on a spiritual level. It’s here where feelings of loneliness kick in.

You feel alone even in a crowd. You feel alone even in the midst of a loved one’s embrace.

Thankfully, there are spiritual communities out there where you can connect. Start looking for a yoga class or a meditative group.

If none is available in your locality, you can do it virtually. The internet is loaded with people and groups who share the same journey with you.

A meditation practice is also another way of beating loneliness. It connects you to your inner self and will eventually make you feel connected to everything around you.

By then, you may be alone but never lonely.