What Is The 7th Sense And How You Can Actually Tap Into It

2 years ago

The sixth and seventh senses are phenomena that are still beyond the grasp of science. Due to lack of scientific explanations, science considered these as paranormal conditions.

While our body collects information of our external world through our five senses, within us lies a metaphysical world that contains extrasensory perceptions and our chakras.

Just recently, humans openly adapt to the awareness of the sixth sense. But then, unbeknownst to many, is the reality of the seventh sense.

Aristotle classified our primary five organs as sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing. With these five organs, we derive knowledge of our external or physical world through its receptors. The receptors respond to stimuli which are connected to our body’s nervous system that sends the data to our brain.

The mind, which simultaneously processes the collective data of the five senses is considered by the Buddhists as a sense organ. It serves as a gateway that allows us to make a fractal leap to a wider spectrum of perception that includes the internal sensory system, otherwise known as the psychic realm.

Science classified this psychic realm as paranormal because of its failure to provide scientific explanation surrounding this phenomenon.

The sixth sense is both revered and feared. The Native American Tribe highly regard people practicing the gift of the sixth sense and exalted them to become the community’s shaman.

But, recorded history has it that the unfortunate ones were ostracized from society and were even subject to death. This results from the cultural conditioning that recognizes only the external powers and is ignorant of the fact that internal power is also inherent in humans.

This little information is carried even up to our modern times. As humans continue to evolve into higher forms of consciousness, the seventh sense is coming out as an addition to the mystery.

Beyond Space and Time

Space and time play a crucial role in paranormal activities. The reason why scientists find difficulty in gathering empirical data is that the sixth and seventh senses function beyond space and time.

On the other hand, non-scientists also find difficulty because the outlier phenomena are most often accredited to external forces or entities such as channeling, good and bad spirits, extraterrestrial and many others.

The option to look within, on the inside experiences is often overlooked.

Some of the sixth sense experiences are intuition, deja vu, prescience, past life parallels, and others. Our conscious mind keeps its focus on the cause and effect to create a linear story, and when something happens beyond human comprehension, we call it a coincidence.

The truth is there is no scientific agreement as to the definition of our senses, meaning it is still a complex topic.

According to Wikipedia, our senses are divided into exteroceptive and interoceptive. The exteroceptive is where the five major senses belong. The interoceptive senses perceive the sensations in the internal organs neurologically linked to the brain. Its purpose is to regulate bodily functions like the regulation of respiration, the sensation of fullness, blushing, and others. It also covers the body’s awareness of balance, pain, temperature, and pressure.

All this makes sense when we correlate our primary senses as inseparable from our chakra system. What’s more interesting is that, as multi-dimensional vortices of energy, Chakras are levels of consciousness that resonate at specific frequencies that also line up with the notes on a musical scale. Chakras act as an interface between the dense physical world and the non-physical world of pure consciousness. The musical scale contains seven notes, we have seven chakras and seven senses.

The 7th Sense

The sixth sense connects our body to our feelings. The seventh sense connects us to the Universal Self through Unity Consciousness. It bypasses the physical world and directs us to access all the information contained in the entire universe without the use of channels or intermediaries. It is called the Akashic Records or the Hall of Records.

You may wonder if accessing the seventh sense requires a lot of work. In reality, humans have been using this seventh sense without their consciousness. It is when you ask the Universe a question and you receive the answer with much accuracy. Accessing the seventh sense is characterized by pure knowing.

It is like entering into a grocery store to buy a balsamic vinegar. Though it is your first time to be there, your feet just carry you straight to the direction of where the vinegar is located.

How to access the seventh sense

1. Using all the resources the Universe gives you

By consciously using all the resources available to you in the universe, the seventh sense is cultivated. You can even know the past, present, and future by tapping into the seventh sense and inquire. You will know everything if you know how to cultivate the seventh sense fully.

2. Contemplation

Sit quietly in contemplation and listen to what the Universe might be telling you.

3. Remain open in a state of wonder

Use the wonder of the child that is still within you. It is a gateway to a greater knowledge, higher consciousness or enlightenment.

4. Ask

When you ask, the Universe listens. It will give you the information according to your level of understanding. As you go deeper, the spectrum broadens. Yet, keep in mind that the information is relative to the physical plane as a more comprehensive version of reality. The human nervous system doesn’t have the capacity to contain light in its totality.

By now, you might have recognized whether or not you have been using your seventh sense. Once you cultivate your greater awareness, the seventh sense becomes an inseparable part of your other senses.