8 Ways How To Love Someone In Order To Build A Lasting Relationship

3 years ago

If there’s one thing you can give to the person you love, it’s loving them the way they deserve to be loved. This all comes down to loving them with intention.

Love someone, not for the reason of having someone love you back. Nor you will love them because you need someone to be by your side.

Love them for the sake of loving them.

Loving someone does not always happen to anyone. Others even admitted that they have felt real love only once in their lifetime.

When you’re in a position of loving someone, give it your all, as if you only have this now moment to show someone how much you love them. Here are the ways that show you love someone with intention.

8 Ways How To Love Someone:

1. Be honest with your feelings.

Tell the person directly that you love them. Action may show more than words, but in loving someone, telling them directly that you love them is important.

Don’t lead them to second guess. If you’re honest with your feelings for them, you won’t be afraid of telling them straight in the eye.

Wherever the relationship goes is not the priority of the moment, telling them is. You may not receive the expected response, at least you were honest with them and with yourself.

2. Love them as if tomorrow never comes.

Seize the moment while you still have it. Keep the most of every second. Love them like they’re the best thing that ever happened in your life. And let them feel it.

3. Love them as if you can’t find anyone like them.

Has anyone asked you, “Of all the people, why me”? Of course, it’s got to be them because that’s just how you feel.

That is how true love feels like. It’s loving a person as if they’re the only species in this world. Many people may look like them but not all people can make you feel the way you feel for them.

You love their smile. You love their touch. You love their laughter. And you just can’t get enough of them.

4. Love like it’s your first.

When you love someone, never allow the memories of the past to interfere. Whether you have been through hell in the past, love as if it’s your first.

You can only love with intention when you love without fear. You may have witnessed how relationships were torn apart, but it doesn’t mean yours would be the same. If it does, it’s for a good reason.

In the meantime, love like you never care.

5. Give them everything that you are.

Loving with intention is putting all your cards on the table. You give them your heart, your soul, your everything.

It’s loving them without demanding that they should love you the way you love them. You love them because it’s just how it’s supposed to be.

There’s no need to hold back anything when you’re truly honest with your feelings.

6. Love them with passion.

When you say you love someone, you need to back it up with enthusiasm and passion. You not only say you love them but mean it by consistently showing it to them.

Do the things that make them happy. Plan a regular date, spend as much time with them, and show how much they mean to you.

7. Love them with purpose.

Loving someone means loving them until your last breath. You not only love them for the time being nor for the times that the circumstances are favorable.

Despite the opinions other people have of them, love them anyway because what’s matter is the two of you to be happy. Love them because you choose to.

8. Love them with commitment.

Don’t tell someone you love them if you’re not sure you can’t commit to them. Loving with intention is being not scared of commitment. It’s being prepared as to where the relationship is going.

Don’t love when you can only give them half of yourself or your time. But love them because you can be always there for them through thick and thin.

Loving with intention takes much courage as much as it takes a whole person to truly love someone in all honesty. You can love someone this much when you connect to your Higher Self or God and allow them to work between the two of you.

Life is all about loving. And it’s only when you can love with intention and humility that you can live life at its best.

Never stop loving because that is exactly who you are.