How To Incorporate The 4 Elements Of Existence Into Your Lifestyle To Become Your Best Self

2 years ago

In a world that is full of noise and distractions, achieving a healthy, spiritual life is a challenge. All because a spiritual life is not something that we acquire for life once it is found.

A spiritual journey is an evolving process that we need to practice every day of our life, transcending skillfully from the negativities that challenge us, healing emotional trauma, and embodying the higher self we long to have.

There are neither shortcuts nor right path on the way to a healthy spirituality. And the options are wide open as to the practice, healing modalities, experimentation or exploration to find the balance we long to find.

Thankfully, some wise souls who were ahead of the journey provided us with the knowledge that can make our journey much easier, without having to grope in the dark.

One of the helpful techniques is the daily practice of incorporating the following 4 elements to make our spiritual practice more effective.

Commit and devote your time to practicing them and see tremendous results.

Incorporate These 4 Habits Into Your Lifestyle To Become The Best Self:

1. The Element of Air – Meditation

We incorporate the element of air by practicing meditation. Meditation has been slowly recognized, even by science, as one of the pillars of health.

It helps calm the mind, get us centered, work through struggles and, ultimately, find inner peace. If you wonder what type of meditation you would like to practice, you can select from the 3 different meditation types.

3 Types of Meditation

– Free Flow Meditation. This is an open meditation where you give yourself some space to sit down, calm your mind and focus on your thoughts, emotions, and sensations that come and go, without judging them.

– Sequence Meditation. This type is done by focusing daily on another aspect of a sequence or geometric blueprint. An example of this is the practice of chanting mantras using mala beads while repeating the mantras a number of times or going through the chakra system.

– Guided Meditation. This meditation is very beneficial, especially for beginners. You meditate either by having someone to guide you or by listening to an audio track with the option of listening to Binaural Beats.

If you’re just starting out, it’s best to meditate for 20 minutes in the morning and another 20 minutes in the evening. You may increase the duration as you get comfortable.

But if you have been meditating for quite a long time now, trying for an hour might not be that difficult. Just remember that in meditation, focusing on your breath is more important than the length of time you do the practice.

As long as you do it daily, you are sure to strengthen your mind and spirit.

2. The Element of Earth – Exercise

The element of Earth is incorporated by a daily exercise. This is a regular practice where you use all the energy you stored up in your body through the food that you eat.

You can release this energy through cardio, muscle building, yoga, or anything that keeps the blood circulating. When you exercise, your body will release endorphins in the brains which stimulate learning and increase mental alertness.

Even a walk with your dog or stretching your body for 20 minutes will work wonders. For best results, try exercising at least 30 minutes a day.

You can also do different sets of exercises all throughout the week like taking brisk walks, then running the next day, or riding a bike. If you can go swimming, that’s great too.

The point is to practice regularly, not only will you make your body healthy but your spiritual self as well.

3. The Element of Water – Good Food

The element of water is incorporated into the food that we eat. Of all the elements, this one is the most challenging, given the state of our society today and the differing opinions of the experts in this field.

The heart of the matter here is the nature of the food that you eat in connection to longevity, disease and overall health.

Whatever your diet consist of, you’re not advised to change it abruptly. You are only encouraged to follow on a diet plan that will make your body better than you were yesterday.

Once you take the baby steps daily, it will yield a compound effect and will make you take greater steps over time.

The bottom line is the quality of the food that you eat contributes much to your spiritual health. Hence, you should be eating whole, clean food, and eating with gratitude for the life force that the food provided to sustain life.

One last note, drinking loads of water is included here.

4. The Element of Fire – Good Work

The element of fire is incorporated by a good work. A healthy spiritual life is one where your work is good it benefits the people you associate with and the world at large.

This is what it means when you are so fired up you can do great things under your power. “Doing what you love and loving what you do” keeps this fire burning.

When you’re passionate about what you do, you spend your energy into doing activities that lift your spirits up. The more you are inspired, the more you are excited to do more.

At this point, try to check in with yourself and ask if the work that you do, your job, hobbies or other activities you spend your time with is one that you genuinely enjoy.

If they are, congratulate yourself for being on the right track. If not, it might be time to consider a necessary change for the sake of becoming more aligned with your spiritual calling.

You might reason out that you need money, but what if that’s the very reason that keeps you from living a healthy, spiritual life? Surely, once you follow your passion or anything that is aligned with your spirituality, the Universe will conspire to work to your advantage.

That’s a kind of faith, you need to hold onto.

All of these 4 elements are tools you can use to achieve a healthy, spiritual life.

It’s imperative that there’s balance of all these elements in your life to raise your vibration and become a better version of yourself.

It only needs a small amount of your time to do it daily. Remember, the amount of result you wish to see is dependent on the amount of work you commit to your practice.

If you want to become bigger, you have all the possibilities to rise to the level your heart so desires.