3 Ways How To Free Yourself From Family Karma

3 years ago

We’re here in this world to learn our lessons. Feeling helpless for not being able to choose our family could be self-defeating.

If we belong to a family we happen to dislike for specific reasons, it would be for the lessons that we need to learn, and that includes being able to release ourselves from the family karma that binds us emotionally and energetically.

Going through a family karma is truly challenging, yet overcoming it could be life-changing. The battle may be hard, but we have the full power to win.

We only need to have faith and use our light within.

The 3 Ways To Release Family Karma:

1. Understand why you suffer.

The work of karma is not to make you suffer. It’s only a mechanism used by the Spirit to aid you in your spiritual evolution.

Before incarnation, you have chosen who your parents would be because it’s in being with them that you will experience the things essential to your growth.

In short, it’s your karmic choice. When you understand this process, it would then be easier for you to break free from the ties that bind you to them.

Anything that your parents did has nothing to do with you. If you’re caught up in the consequences of their actions, you have the power to work your way out and unbind yourself from the chains.

Meditate on your current situation. Digest the wisdom that it brings you. Listen to your inner voice, then do the essential steps to take.

You have the power to change your reality. Use it to your best advantage.

2. Repair the energetic family ties.

Bear in mind that you’re not destined to be trapped by your family karma. Watch out for the patterns that keep you tied to them.

Let’s say, your mother or father have always been there for you to nurture and protect you. Ever since you were a child, you follow every word they say because it’s for your own good.

Being dependent on them is healthy at this stage. But this doesn’t mean they have to make decisions for you even when you reach an age where you’re supposed to be independent.

They must realize that you’re no longer a child who constantly needs their guidance and should respect your own individuality. When they’re unable to give you this freedom, it’s then that you need to break yourself free.

If there is anything they shouldn’t stop giving you, it would be their unconditional love. Unconditional love should be the only link that binds them to you.

Know that you’re entitled to your own beliefs, values, and life decisions. And you’re not there as a fulfillment of your parent’s wishes.

Follow your life path while still loving them. They may not support your decision but be firm because you have a purpose to fulfill that has nothing to do with them either.

Forgive them and forgive yourself for being in such a parasitic relationship.

3. Break the cycle.

Family karma can be collective too. This means you can suffer from the karma of your ancestors.

This is often the case when your family name is the oldest or has a history of participating in wars. In some cases, family members ahead of you may also suffer the same thing, thus thickening the bad karma in the family.

If you can relate to this, know the history of your family, then look for ways to break yourself free.

You can also ask help from shamans or any person of authority to cleanse.