5 Actionable Steps You Can Take To Spark Up Your Light After Years Of Being Emotionally Numbed

3 years ago

Being an empath is not an ideal place to be. The challenge starts as early as childhood when the innocent and confused empathic child gets easily irritated for reasons they can’t explain.

Often they’re labeled as a difficult, shy or totally anxious child. As they grow older, the more their unusual traits emerge.

Because society and even schools fail to understand them, and even they themselves couldn’t understand what’s going on either, they start to deny who they are and struggle to do things any normal child does just to fit in.

The more they do this, the more they’re getting emotionally numb. If no one can guide them, emotional numbness could lead them to suffer from depression, panic, and anxiety.

What’s worse, they can blindly seek a distraction from their painful world through any form of addiction just to get instant gratification or relief. However, empaths couldn’t deny themselves because their light is destined to shine.

Everything empaths do that is against their true nature keep crumbling before their eyes. They have no other choice than face their divinity and overcome all the challenges that dim their light, emotional numbness included.

If you feel you’re an empath who has numbed your emotions, here are the ways to honor yourself and rekindle your light to shine once again.

5 Actionable Steps To Spark Up Your Light After Years Of Being Emotionally Numbed:

Step 1: Give yourself the permission to feel unemotional and apathetic.

It’s not easy to deny your true nature, that is, being a highly sensitive and empathic soul.

If at the moment what you feel are only apathy, coldness, and lack of emotion, give yourself the permission to stay in that place. Accepting your current state helps you more in allowing the space for growth and healing.

It takes time to heal yourself and be the empath you used to be. It’s a process where there are no shortcuts. And it starts with accepting who you are at the moment, no matter how ugly or imperfect.

Step 2: Set healthy boundaries.

You have no idea of your true nature including the measures to take in protecting yourself and your energies in the past. It’s normal for empaths, especially if no one is there to guide you.

Consequently, depression and anxiety have taken its toll on you. Now that you’re more aware, do radical changes in your daily habits to protect yourself.

This includes setting rules and boundaries for yourself. Give an assessment as to what places, people, and situations make you feel comfortable or uncomfortable.

Let’s say, there’s a particular person who makes you feel unsettled. They might have emitted energies that overwhelms you.

As such, set a limit, if not totally avoid having an interaction with this person. You need to have a real break from things that totally drains you for the moment.

Later on, when you’ve mastered the skill of protecting yourself, dealing with them will be much easier.

Also, if you feel comfortable in nature or in any area of your house, increase the time you spend there to encourage calmness and balance in yourself.

Step 3: Start to be more kind and gentle with yourself.

Losing touch with yourself and your sensitivities lead to mistreating yourself. You will find yourself eating unhealthy foods,  sleeping too much or not getting enough sleep, doing unhealthy activities, like watching TV all day or gossiping.

All these things don’t support your core beliefs, yet you do them without being conscious of it.

You can start to be kinder to yourself by feeding it with healthy food and engaging in activities that honor who you are, like meditation or yoga.

These are necessary steps because you can’t be gentle and kind towards others unless you begin it with yourself.

Step 4: Be at peace with yourself if you think you can never be sensitive again.

Feeling depressed is operating in a place where you feel nothing could ever take you away from the slump you’re in.

If, at the moment, you believe that you can never be sensitive again, it’s okay. Don’t force yourself. Do it when you’re ready.

You can begin by setting rules and boundaries for yourself, then move on as you go up the ladder of self-growth and self-discovery. You may even be surprised to catch yourself feeling sensitive again.

Step 5: Forgive yourself and forgive others.

Be willing to forgive yourself and other people. Forgiveness is an act you need to be doing for the rest of your life because you and others keep falling from time to time.

If you can’t forgive, you can’t go past the borders of resentment, hatred, and grudges.

Becoming the true empath that you are is a process that takes a longer or shorter period of time depending on the amount of effort you put into it.

Regardless of the route you take in returning to the place of who you are, the journey to reclaiming your sensitivity is utterly significant in rekindling your light.

You’re an empath who is destined to light the way for others. Let your light shine.