These 7 Unhealthy Habits Prevent You From Becoming Truly Happy

3 years ago

The main reason why we wake up in the morning is to do the things that can make us happy.

We may have different strategies for finding that happiness, like serving our family or achieving our life goals, yet at the end of the day, we unconsciously sum up our day by the things that make us happy or unhappy. This could go on and on.

While our usual way of finding happiness is chasing the things that potentially hold our happiness, why shouldn’t we pause for a moment and ask ourselves why aren’t we happy yet? Maybe the things we normally do are what prevent us from becoming truly happy.

Mandy Hale states that happiness is an inside job.

Maybe this inside job has something to do with our mindset. Maybe our mind focuses too much, every single day, on the things that actually hinder us from achieving complete happiness.

Check out these unhealthy habits that could have prevented you from becoming fully happy and find out if you’re guilty of them.

The 7 Unhealthy Habits That Prevent You From Becoming Truly Happy:

1. You aim for perfection.

There’s nothing wrong with having high standards because it could only mean that you’re not doing awfully bad when you fall short of your standards.

However, when you aim for perfectionism, you’re preparing yourself to feel bad when you fail to hit the mark.

Nothing could ever be perfect because everything is not under your control. Have a target but make sure to be open and adaptable when things are bound to change.

2. You consume things excessively.

In everything, moderation is key. Anything that is consumed excessively brings unwanted consequences.

Spending too much time in media or news is disempowering, and so is spending time with negative-thinking people.

Eating too much unhealthy food makes you sick and harms your normal functioning. If you’re guilty of these habits, try to tweak things a bit.

Read only inspiring and uplifting articles or listen to empowering podcasts or music. Choose the friends who can help you build a positive outlook on life. And eat the right food that nourishes your body.

3. You dwell in the past.

It’s easy to find happiness when you’re in the moment. But if you keep dwelling on the past, you could never be happy.

Even if things seem to be great in the past, you could not make things great again if you’re stuck in a time that had long gone by. You could never bring back past opportunities or right a wrong by living in the past.

The present is what you have and staying in it is where the secret to happiness lies and where big opportunities await.

4. You live in the future.

There are two obvious reasons why you choose to live in the future. It’s either you’re hoping that things will get better or you’re afraid that things won’t turn out the way you want them to.

The truth is, the success of your future lies in how you spend your time in the present moment, in the very things that you do every day. Bring back your focus in the now by living mindfully.

Feel your breath and do what truly matters for that given day. If you do this every single day, you’re in for a great future.

5. You keep comparing yourself to others.

Comparing yourself to others is the easiest way to be unhappy while hurting your self-esteem. It’s not reasonable to compare yourself to others because we’re all created equal and differ only in our strengths and weaknesses.

You can’t measure the weakness of others using your strengths or measure your weakness using the strengths of others. We’re supposed to complement each other and not compete.

If you see that others excel in some area, the best thing you can do is find the area where you have the potential to excel, then focus on that. That way, you will lose time checking how others are doing.

6. You avoid looking for solutions.

When you’re too focused on a particular problem, you’re likely to get lost in it that you forget how to look for solutions. Instead of finding the means to solve your problems, you’re too busy complaining and blaming people.

But this couldn’t get you anywhere. Whenever you catch yourself in such situations, try to remove yourself from it so that you can see the bigger picture and figure out for the right steps to take.

7. You complicate things.

Most often, you fail to see the things that can make you happy because you take on too many things at a time. You accumulate too much stuff or dwell on too many ideas and projects.

Try to simplify your life and remove the things that aren’t important. After all, happiness can never be consumed, owned, or worn.

Happiness is an attitude you choose to have because you simply choose to be happy. Most of all, happiness is living fully in the moment regardless of your life circumstances.