5 Types Of Relationships We All Have Before Finding Our Soulmate

3 years ago

Most of us desire to meet our soulmate. This is how cosmic relationships are designed to be that we all find our ultimate happiness and evolution along with someone who shares the same purpose with us.

We establish deeper relationships with someone having these things in mind. There’s only one catch, though. We wouldn’t meet our soulmate unless we’re fully prepared to meet them.

Or, if we have met them at the wrong time and place, we would lose them somehow.

One way of preparing ourselves for a soulmate encounter is by learning all the lessons we need to learn. And, oftentimes, we learn the greatest lessons through wrong choices or meeting the wrong people.

No matter how painful the experiences are, we’re predestined to go through them because they’re the ways and means where we grow and fully realize ourselves.

In short, we need to go through painful or failed relationships before finally meeting the one truly destined to share with us a relationship that lasts for a lifetime.

5 Types Of Relationships We Have Before Finding Our Soulmate:

1. The first love.

First loves are fun and exciting. It’s full of surprises because you don’t know what’s up ahead.

You may even put all your heart into it because you still possess the trusting nature of a child, believing and hoping that everything is sweet like candy.

But as you slowly come to grips with your emotions, you’ll realize it’s not everything you expected it to be; that you’re only being carried away by fairytale stories; and that meeting a knight with a shining armor to sweep you off your feet is only a myth.

When things aren’t meant to be, they’ll simply fall apart. Yet, as you move on, you carry with you valuable lessons.

2. The problematic love.

A problematic love brings out the boldness in you. Despite all the difficulties you’ll be facing, you’ll come out as braver as ever and weather all the challenges along the way.

You may even learn how to sacrifice just to make people happy. It’s either you fight for the relationship even if your family or loved ones are against it or you turn your back from the relationship in favor of your family.

From this type of relationship, drawing the line is what you will learn the most. You will know you can’t continue harming yourself by giving in to other people’s demands.

3. The safe love.

The safe love is where somebody provides you comfort and security. Out of the purity of their souls, they only want to do the things that can make you happy.

You feel you’re in a safe haven when you’re with them. But because they’re not the one destined for you, you’ll eventually spread your wings and fly away from them.

They know you’ve tried your best to love them back but things just don’t work. Eventually, they will let you go.

As you fly, you know you gained stability from that relationship.

4. The whirlwind love.

Commonly known as a whirlwind romance, the whirlwind love surprises you. You don’t know how or when it began or where it’s going. All you know is you’re there totally soaked in passion and loving it.

But any relationship that comes easily is also bound to go easily. Before long, the passion fades and you’ll find yourself alone again.

5. The unconditional love.

Because you’ve been there and done that, falling in love no longer comes easy. You have gathered enough lessons and enough wisdom to know when a person is being genuine or not.

You already know how shaky relationships start, so you avoid it when it’s right before you.

But when the right “one” comes along, you just know that is what it is. With a simple gaze in their eyes, you know you have a connection that’s not earthbound.

It’s as if fate has brought you together in such time and place. Though meeting your soulmate is not a guarantee that you will live a conflict-free life, you know with your joint powers, you will conquer everything that comes in your way.

All because it’s unconditional love that binds you to stay stronger together.