5 Habits of Mentally Strong People

2 years ago

The world is such a beautiful place. For the optimist, of course. But for the pessimist? Nah. It’s full of ugly people, negative people, insulting people.

The truth is, how we see the world depends on our perception, on the kind of filter we want to use. We could either be the positive one, or the negative one. But no matter how much we try to focus on optimism, there are countless others who love to make our days bad, especially on social media. It’s easy for people to criticize, judge and even throw insulting remarks.

While others keep bombarding themselves with negative words, there are a few who remain calm and collected, as if they are not bothered by any negative slurs thrown at them. We may wonder if they are simply ‘thick-faced’ or callous. But no. They are far from that kind. It’s their strong mentality that makes them wise. They have this ability to see things in the bigger picture, making them less vulnerable even to insults.

Mentally strong people cultivated the following habits:

1. They value silence as the best answer.

While others consider silence as a weak answer, mentally strong people see it as the best answer. When negative people criticize, judge or express their insecurities, they are often blinded by their own opinions, and would rather listen only to their own voice. Their focus is on the wrong things and no matter how much you persuade them to see things differently, the more they try to prove how right they were.

Mentally strong people know when to speak and when to hold back. They know people always judge no matter what you do. Even Edison was laughed and snarled at for his phonograph invention. But he never listened to his detractors. If he did, he might not have patented all his other inventions.

2. They see an opinion in a clear manner.

As we have always known, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Whether you like it or not, people always have an opinion. And most often, people criticize you according to how they perceive you.

Mentally and emotionally strong people don’t take other’s opinions to heart because they know it’s only other’s opinion, no more, no less. They handle criticisms gracefully. If there is something they need to improve, they do it. When criticism is constructive, they take it. When it’s destructive, they let it go. They know that focusing on the negative opinion of others will only distract them from achieving their life’s goals.

3. They win others with their goodness.

Because mentally strong people are not emotionally attached, they are able to respond to others with generosity and compassion. They know that by doing it, they are ending the complexities of their life as well as that of the toxic people around them. They believe that goodness will neutralize the obnoxiousness of others and would possibly make them change their negative opinion.

At times, other people keep picking up on others for mere attention. And when they’re confronted with goodness, they stop. They feel they received what they have been unconsciously looking for.

4. They focus on their health and happiness.

Mentally strong people know full well that they can’t always battle the negative impact of the unconstructive tirades of others. They choose to focus more on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. By keeping these aspects of their life balanced, they find happiness and peace.

Vocal slurs could be degrading and may even leave a lasting impression on our minds and personalities leading us to feel depressed, stressed or anxious. These negative emotions could trigger unhealthy, physical symptoms. Prolonged stress and depression could lead to serious ailments.

But people who are happier and healthier, rarely respond to affronts from others. While you cannot control other’s opinions, you have control over your emotions and have the choice to eliminate the things that don’t support your growth as a person. Let not others rob off your peace, happiness, and success. Everything you feel depends solely on you and not on others.

5. They are solution minded.

Mentally strong people know that they are not in this world to please everybody. No matter how good their actions may be, it is still not enough for others. Thus, instead of focusing their energies on the problems, they look for solutions.

Once you interact with discouraging people, you are empowering their words and actions over you. The only way to get around past them is not focusing on what they say, but on finding a solution to handle them with dignity.

It is you who alone knows how to make decisions for your life. While insults are an inevitable part of human existence, being wise to handle it is a skill that can be learned over time.

Generally, people make you feel bad because they do not feel good inside. But this does not make them less of a person. Like you, they have their vulnerabilities and needs. Instead of avoiding these people and their unlikely harangues, learn to cultivate the habits of the mentally and emotionally strong people. By then, who knows, you might receive admiration from the less liked individuals.