7 Clear Signs Your Partner Is Not The Right One For You

3 years ago

How would you know if your partner is the right one? Before putting this question into consideration, ask why you allow yourself to be in the relationship first.

Experts say there are two reasons why people enter into a relationship. One) They want to receive love, security, validation, safety, have a child of their own or to fill the emptiness they’re feeling. Two) To share love and companionship while growing into their best self.

The truth is, you can only find the right partner when you make yourself the right partner for somebody. Meaning, you love and accept yourself as you are. And you know that you don’t need someone else to define your worth.

You have to be filled with love that you’re willing to share rather than feeling you’re lacking it and go around looking for somebody who is able to give it to you.

If getting love is your goal, then it’s likely that no relationship or partner would be right for you because you’re not even the right partner. Do some internal work first before you look for the right one.

However, if you know you love yourself enough to share it with someone who is willing to help you grow emotionally and spiritually, then watch out for the signs that say your partner is not the right one.

7 Clear Signs Your Partner Is Not Compatible:

1. They’re not open to resolving conflicts.

Openness is important to make the relationship work. Both partners should be open to learning about themselves and in working things out when conflicts arise.

Conflict within the relationship is what keeps it stronger. Overcoming this challenge means your feelings for each other are stronger than the things you dislike in each other.

There are people who are open and loving but in times of conflict, they tend to be defensive, angry, withdrawn, resistant, or overly compliant. In such cases, verbal, emotional or physical abuse may be imminent.

No matter how much the ego is hurt, a loving person can compromise their emotions just to resolve conflicts. If your partner is unable to do it, obviously, they’re not the right one for you.

2. They lack empathy.

If your partner is not capable of caring for you or understanding your emotions, they may simply lack empathy. Not having empathy is one of the signs of narcissism.

Narcissists only care and think of themselves. Break your ties with this person before it’s too late.

3. You’re not attracted to them physically.

You meet this person who makes you feel comfortable and is even fun to be with. Hence, you end up being committed to each other.

But then you start to notice that you don’t feel a bit of excitement when you’re with them. There’s no spark whatsoever.

This lack of physical attraction only signifies that this person could be a good friend but not a romantic partner.

4. They have a compulsion to be always right.

There should be a give and take in the relationship. This ensures that both partners are heard and that their voice matters.

If in your petty arguments or relationship decisions your partner always sees to it that they win or they’re right, they’re stripping you of your right and your freedom.

Constantly giving in to their wishes will create an imbalance and will soon deplete you.

5. You don’t have at least one thing in common.

Doing things together adds up to the spark in the relationship.

For example, if you both love reading, you’re able to do it simultaneously while enjoying each other’s company even when you’re not talking with each other.

If you don’t share a common interest, this will both bore you and will stagnate the relationship.

6. You don’t share the same values.

Sharing the same values is important in any relationship because most often than not, it’s where you based your major life decisions.

When it comes to spending, parenting, eating, fitness, cleanliness, and others partners should agree with each other on these topics.

If you disagree more often than you agree, then they’re not the right one for you.

7. They have addictions you find intolerable.

There are quite a number of relationships where one partner reveals that had their partner gave up on them, they might not have become the better person that they are right now.

Stories like this one are truly amazing. It only shows what the power of love can do to a person.

Your partner might not be the perfect one and has addictions that need to be overcome. Fighting alongside them requires strength but also a firm resolve on their part to win over their addiction.

But if you find yourself hoping and waiting for them to change while they’re not doing something about it, it might be time to accept that their case is a hopeless one. And that leaving them is the most loving thing you can do for yourself.

Finding the right partner is finding your true self. If you have huge amounts of self-love, it’s likely that you’ll attract the right person who is able to love you back with all their heart and soul.